“High-end & timeless
bespoke designs”

Maison Bourgeat is a creator of unique and personalised frames. While our models follow the evolving trends, tastes and wishes of our customers, the artisan skills involved remain unchanged. The same high standards, the same excellence, and a careful focus on precision and detail lie at the heart of our approach to eyewear, an ethos adopted by our Jura ateliers ever since our foundation in 1879.

At Maison Bourgeat, each pair of glasses is designed, worked and finished with outstanding mastery of traditional skills, and in the purest Jura tradition, guaranteeing craftsmanship and quality. Our creations combine luxury and comfort. A bespoke pair of glasses, whether optical or for the sun, is an extension of your personality and can be classic, modern, eccentric, discreet or original.

The design stages

Together we create the right pair
of glasses for you

Maison Bourgeat Workshop overview in Morez

An intimate collaborative process

The first meeting takes place in our workshop and store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. A decisive moment when the eyewear designer starts the creative journey by listening to the customer's wishes, studying their body language and facial expressions. At the end of these discussions, and after trying out several frames, the craftsperson sketches a shape, and the frame gradually emerges.

Measuring up

An essential part of acquiring a customised frame, our craftsperson defines the morphology of the face with a number of key measurements. The ridge of the nose, pupillary distance, width of the face, cornea to lens distance, and the distance between the ears and head are all essential items of technical data when creating a bespoke model. An eye exam and the advice of an expert optician can also be provided to help choose your lenses.

Fittings and adjustments

A PVC or Perspex prototype of the frame is made in our workshop. These flexible materials allow us to make the final technical adjustments essential for your comfort. Nothing is left to chance. After this second meeting, we approve your final frame together, and the work of manufacturing your glasses can begin.

Production and handover
of the finished object

It takes the craftsperson several weeks to create a bespoke frame in our workshops - either in Paris or the Jura, depending on the model chosen and the material selected. A pair of custom-built glasses requires the eyewear-maker to perform between 120 and 200 different steps to complete the frame. The finished object is handed over to the customer during a final fitting in the store when the last details are checked. The lenses are also mounted and adjusted at this time.


Maison Bourgeat designs feature only
the most exceptional materials

Cellulose acetate

This natural polymer obtained from cotton extracts and wood pulp allows great freedom in the design of original and modern eyewear models. A light and flexible material, cellulose acetate still requires many hours of work and seasoned expertise to produce a made-to-measure model. In terms of design, the possibilities are endless and can include collages and overlays.

Buffalo horn

Soft and solid at the same time, buffalo horn is a 100% natural, durable and environmentally-friendly deluxe material. Working with buffalo horn requires exceptional craftsmanship, and perfect mastery of the different manufacturing stages. Each slab of horn is unique: its natural wood-like colouring and the particular way in which it captures the light will vary from piece to piece, making this a remarkable material.

Tortoiseshell *

A rare and highly valuable living and hypoallergenic organic material, tortoiseshell is the queen of eyewear. Featuring a rich and infinite variety of reflections ranging from dark brown to honey blonde, this ultra-light and translucent material is used to create extraordinary frames. Requiring all the skills of an artistic profession, making tortoiseshell glasses demands patience and precision.


Maison Bourgeat is currently the only brand offering all-metal bespoke frames. These models are made in the firm's Jura workshop, in the purest tradition of eyewear artisans. Metal is ideal for a strong and light frame with a discreet and delicate design that highlights the shape of the face.

* Maison Bourgeat is committed to working with tortoiseshell in compliance with current legislation.

For more information: ​www.cites.org