“Maison Bourgeat turns a new page
and is made-to-measure just for you”

Maison Bourgeat was founded in 1879 in Morez, in the region of the Jura, the birthplace of French eyewear. An eyewear manufacturer highly prized by the most prestigious brands as well as by young designers for capsule collections, Maison Bourgeat quickly became internationally famous thanks to its unique know-how and the fine quality of its designs. Skilfully diversifying to satisfy its customers, the House helped spread the influence of 'made in France' expertise, and in addition to its collaborative ventures, offered highly original models that further strengthened its reputation. One of the oldest eyewear firms in France, Maison Bourgeat today showcases the craftsmanship of luxury and tradition by focusing on the creation of bespoke products. In line with this new philosophy, the House is delighted to welcome Oscar Esteves, winner of the 2015 Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, who will be joining its team from November 2018.

Maison - Atelier Metal forming in our workshop in Jura

Oscar Esteves, a passionate and award-winning craftsman, heads up the Maison Bourgeat workshops

Oscar Esteves is an ardent eyewear and frame restoration enthusiast who earned his stripes in his home country of Brazil, as well as in England and then France where he set up home in 1992. Through his inventiveness, exacting standards and hard work, he has collaborated with some of France's biggest eyewear names including Lafont and Frédéric Beausoleil, where he ran their design and creation.

He soon became a leading name after winning the Meilleur Ouvrier title in 2015, a distinguished award in the world of artisan craft. French President François Hollande and several other international personalities have sought out his talent and know-how to create their bespoke frames. A new page in the history of Maison Bourgeat is now being written with the arrival of Oscar Esteves.